Police Chicks

Earlier this month I grabbed my friend Misha and headed over to the newest artist haven, Off the Tracks, in El Sereno to attend the premiere screening of Police Chicks, the new web show created by Nicole Ortega and Miriam Peniche and written and directed by Carlos Zelaya.

I first had the pleasure of meeting Nicole, Carlos and Miriam costuming them in the East LA underground hit El Verde. Nicole, helming the role of the criminal Frita Kahlo, (a role created by Karla Melendez,) Miriam reprising her super villain character, La Llorona Lisa and Carlos Playing Dos, a dim witted henchman under the grips of le enfant terrible, La Quincenera. Rumor has it, it was during this time Police Chicks was created.  With a brief scene in El Verde Miriam and Nicole appear as cops together. For this ephemeral scene they spent a good amount of time in their cop costumes backstage conjuring up foolish cop scenario and having fun playing off of each other. It was really those moments that inspired Carlos to write the Police Chicks script.  Carlos went to Nicole and Miriam with a script and within 3 months rallied several friends together and Carlos directed 2 episodes of Police Chicks.

What I enjoyed most about Police Chicks is its Police Academy meets Pulp Fiction with a touch of TJ Hooker vibe. With their lives on the beat being chronicled, Peniche and Ortega, two female LA detectives, drive around in a 1970’s Chevy Malibu.  They are two Kick Ass Chicas who have no fear in busting the balls of small time drug dealers.

Questions for Carlos, will the ladies get to bust bigger fish and find the drug lord who killed Peniches previous partner? Will Ortega ever make Chief? Will Peniche ever find romance?

Episode One includes cameos by Ben Dickow, Josh Hickman, Michael Uribes, Kevin Widener, and Angel Sunga. Pay extra attention to the cameo by fellow El Verde alum Oscar Basulto stealing the scene as a short order cook in one of Police Chicks funniest moments.  Look out for Episode 2 with cameos by Diana Toshiko, Angela Imperial and East LA sweetheart Blanca Melchor.

Police Chicks strives in bringing the diversity of LA, East LA and the Valley to the forefront and receives a Kick Ass Chicas kudos for their positive portrayal of women and friendship, for depicting women who are dedicating their lives to their careers, and standing up for what they believe is right. It is this labor of love from Nicole, Miriam and Carlos that Police Chicks has inspired me to start and write this blog in the first place.

Created by Nicole Ortega and Miriam Peniche

Written and Directed by: Carlos Zelaya

Executive Produced by: Nicole Ortega, Carlos Zelaya 

Produced by: Nicole Ortega, Carlos Zelaya, Miguel Mouchess

Police Chicks